the e-mobility future


Ebee offers the optimal product to:

Charging Solutions

Our innovative charging solutions are advantageous in a world of eMobility that is quickly growing, evolving, and adapting. If you are a public or semi-public Charge Point Operator looking for an optimized solution to support your business model take a look at our ready solutions. Our unique Chargespots can be easily integrated into existing public infrastructure!

Modular Kit

To remain competitive, charging equipment manufacturers and electromobility providers must be innovative and creative, as well as have access to the technical know-how to lead the industry. With over five years of experience in the area of EV infrastructure development, ebee smart technologies is the partner of industry leaders.


Whether you are an electromobility operator, or a charging equipment manufacturer, it is essential to build your business on innovative and market-proven technology. Our technology roadmap guarantees we can provide you with state-of-the-art and future-oriented technology. Our products are always in accordance with current and upcoming market standards.


Entering the technology-driven field of electromobility isn’t easy. Our approach enables you to focus on your business by providing a technical platform you can rely on!